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Useless Beauty

Useless Beauty


Years Active: 2007 to present

Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock/Folk

Country: United States


Nam Choi (Keys/Vocal)
Katie Boone (Vocal/Percussions)

Artist Bio:

On a December afternoon in 2006, two friends (and NYU Music Technology alumni)-- songwriter/pianist/producer Nam Choi and vocalist Katie Boone paired up to begin a musical journey that has led them through the streets of New York City, spreading their music and good cheer. You may have discovered them performing at The Underscore, Fontana's, Don Pedro, Desmond's Tavern, Otto's Shrunken Head, Yippie Cafe or the Bitter End's Singer/Songwriter Sessions. This dynamic duo's creations defy categorization -- they encompass a bit of many genres (Pop, Rock, Brazilian, Irish, Folk, Hardcore Metal, Classical, etc.), adding large doses of originality and sincerity. Through Nam's intriguing, skillful songwriting and arranging, accompanying Katie's expressive and warm vocals (along with her growing arsenal of percussive instruments!), Useless Beauty communicates joy, sorrow, the ups and downs of love, innocence and the loss thereof, tongue-in-cheek humor and silliness... and everything in between. Their sound is proof that quietness and gentleness can contain much more than its apparent simplicity. Above all, Useless Beauty aspires to find a language that reaches out to people and conveys their hidden desires and stories, bright and dark alike. Their influences are appropriately wide-ranging -- they especially admire those who make......[Read More]