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Guy Cassidy

Guy Cassidy

Guy Cassidy

Years Active: 2008 to present

Genre: Pop/Rock/Indie

Country: United Kingdom


Guy Cassidy

Artist Bio:

Two years ago Guy Cassidy was globe-trotting, trying to find his place in the world. Now hes a London-based, million-hit myspace musical phenomenon and an Xfm download winner who is about to launch his first self-produced single into the UK Charts. Although he may sound English, Cassidy actually hails from Chicago, Illinois, yet his success is all down to his new-found home. While several publications already declared a British Invasion to the US Billboard charts, it was on a two-week vacation to London that Cassidy discovered his unknown musical talent. I was asked to audition for a boyband, he explains. I got into that and a punk band in the same week! They taught me how to play the guitar and keyboard. Then I left, and the next day wrote my first solo song. That song was Annabelle. About to be launched for download on and iTunes, its partly based on a relationship that ended shortly before he moved to London, and it led to Cassidy winning Xfms 2008 Download competition with over 80% of the votes, as well as becoming a massive Myspace and Youtube hit. In addition to writing and singing, Cassidy insisted on producing the single Annabelle......[Read More]