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The Good Listeners

The Good Listeners


Years Active: 2006 to present

Genre: experimental, pop, rock

Country: United States


Clark Stiles (instruments)
Nathan Khyber (vocals, instruments)

Artist Bio:

Clark Stiles and Nathan Khyber started The Good Listeners in the spring of 2006 after they had moved from their hometown of Portland Oregon to escape the rain cover and the big dinosaurs. Having worked together in a musician and producer context, The Good Listeners would offer refreshing change of roles for the pair as they began to compose music together. They have completed a couple of full length albums and have been performing their music live to picture in venues throughout Los Angeles. Ojai, their first LP, was made entirely from scratch in ten days. In the initial talks, there was meant to be some Eno-esgue daily obstruction to be admonished and hopefully conquered, but by the end of it, they found writing a song per day to be grueling enough. The second record, Crane Point Lodge was made in seclusion in an upstate New York lodge over the course of a month. The fidelity of the record and the maturity of the material proved to be the next logical step of a duo that saw the world in widescreen. The live show has always been an important facet. Initially, when the Listeners were a duo, the idea of having......[Read More]