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Years Active: 2005 to present

Genre: Rock

Country: United States


Adam Busch
Via Nuon
Nate Lepine
Ryan Hembrey
Jim Dinou
Jason Toth

Artist Bio:

From their official site - Manishevitz is a band of unique dualities. They've experienced flirtations with fame, critical praise from heavyweight arbiters, the admiration of prominent peers, a devout following, and yet exist mainly in the shadows of Chicago's landscape. They excel at creating unconventional, cerebral music that manages cosmic, celebratory and exuberant qualities. This music is timeless, well-mannered, truant, and thoroughly singular; all characteristics in parallel with the branding, 'cult status.' East to East finds Manishevitz once again cruising the convergence of art-pop, komishe, R&B, and exploratory jazz through a set of shrewd, swaggering and thoughtfully-composed rock n' roll songs. The group has seemingly shifted its approach with each release; logically, then, East to East offers another curve to the oeuvre. East of East offers both refinement and expansion to the heady arsenal with its liberal use of open-ended groove structures (think Neu!) and opulent, moody pop mutations a la Roxy Music. Through meticulous attention to detail, the recordings achieve a level of sophistication revealed well beyond cursory listens. East to East offers the sound of a band reeling from its own prowess, moving passionately through a wreckless medium. Arriving four years after its predecessor, the bogglingly......[Read More]