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Minus Story

Minus Story

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Minus Story


Years Active: 2000 to present

Genre: Rock, Pop

Country: United States


Nick Christus
Brian Phillips
Andy Byers
Jordan Geiger
Tyler French
Lucas Oswald
Mark Sanders

Artist Bio:

From - With an off-kilter, neo-psychedelic passion for sunny melodies and quirky instrumentation, Minus Story is the next generation of Flaming Lips acid pop dream-makers. Influenced by everyone from the Beatles and Beach Boys to the Zombies and Yes, Minus Story mashes all the pop experimentation they can muster into one harmony-laden freaky trip. Hailing from Boonville, MO, but with strong ties to the Lawrence, KS, rock scene, Minus Story was formed in 2000 by guitarist and vocalist Jordan Geiger, bassist Brian Phillips, guitarist Andy Byers, and drummer and self-proclaimed wizard Nick Christus. In 2001, the group self-released their debut full-length, Belle Ame, with Moebius Syndrome following later in the year on Mercrider. But the bands first true opus, and what would be considered their first real album by many, was 2004s sprawling lo-fi psych masterwork The Captain Is Dead, Let the Drum Corpse Dance on Jagjaguwar. No Rest for Ghosts followed a year later.[Read More]