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Years Active: 2005 to present

Genre: Experimental / Pop / Indie

Country: United States


Andrew Deutsch (Guitar)
Brad Truax (Bass)
Chris Millstein (Drums)
Eric Morrison (Piano)

Artist Bio:

From the Brah records websitePrologue (in which..) Pianist Eric Morrison and guitarist Andrew Deutsch meet in a performing arts high school in South Florida, and soon start collaborating on camcorder movies. The two ramble around various Floridian cities, moving from filmmaking to music. Eventually, they land in Tampa where they meet bassist Brad Truax and drummer Sean Martin and formally dub themselves Home (a nod to a fictional band in a soap opera they were writing). As the recordings started to pile up, they form a label/collective called Screw Music Forever and begin to offer $1 cassettes at local record stores. In a freak happenstance, one of these cassettes lands in the lap of a Relativity Records A&R man, who soon rolls up smoking large cigars and offering money for Home IX. After Home IX, Sean gets a hold of some bad shellfish and disappears for 10 years. Home carries on, making six more albums. Then, Sean reemerges, just as Brah Records befriends Home, with the notion of creating a musical tribute to fucking, resulting in Home's first Brah release, Sexteen. Phase I (in which...) The Home boys, in post-coital bliss return from traveling the land (metaphorically) having spent their......[Read More]