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Years Active: 1996 to present

Genre: rock, psychedelic

Country: United States


Mike Robinson
Drew Mills
Justin Tripp
Drew Worth
Matt Werth
Chris Powell
A.J. Edmiston

Artist Bio:

From Wikipedia-Aspera formed in 1996 under the name Aspera ad Astra in Philadelphia, and released a 7" split with Haelah before issuing their debut full-length in 1998. Following this the group underwent lineup changes before the release of their 1999 EP; several drummers would join and leave the group until late 2000, when A.J. Edmiston joined. Around this time the group shortened its name. They began releasing material on Jagjaguwar Records in 2002, including a re-release of their 2001 album Sugar & Feathered. 2007 saw Back When Love issued on Philadelphia label Burnt Toast Vinyl. Aspera were part of the so called "Psychedelphia" scene, alongside bands such as Bardo Pond and The Lilys. Aspera seems no longer to be a going concern. Tripp, Werth, and Edmiston, along with Carmine Degennaro, are now working with Ken Griffin, formerly of Irish band Rollerskate Skinny, as Favourite Sons. Drew Mills has formed the band Blood Feathers with Ben Dickey of Amen Booze Rooster.[Read More]