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Pizzicato Five

Pizzicato Five


Years Active: 1985 to 2001

Genre: Shibuya-kei Indie pop Dance

Country: Japan

Website: n/a

Keitar Takanami (Guitar, keyboards)
Yasuharu Konishi (bass guitar, guitar, keyboards)
Takao Tajima (guitar, harmonica)
Ry Kamomiya (Keyboards)
Maki Nomiya
Mamiko Sasaki

Artist Bio:

Godfathers of the Shibuya-kei scene, Tokyo kitsch-pop deconstructionists Pizzicato Five originally began taking shape as far back as 1979, when university students Yasuharu Konishi and Keitaro Takanami first met at a local music society meeting. Agreeing to form a band, they soon recruited fellow society member Ryo Kamamiya; their search for a suitable vocalist proved frustrating, however, and only in late 1984 did they settle on singer Mamiko Sasaki. The first Pizzicato Five single, "Audrey Hepburn Complex," followed a year later, and in 1986 the group issued their debut LP, Pizzicato Five in Action; a slew of subsequent records established them among the most popular acts in Japan, in spite of a series of line-up fluctuations which saw both Kamamiya and Sasaki exit in 1988, replaced soon after by vocalist Takao Tajima (who in turn quit the following year). Beginning with the 1990 single "Lovers Rock," Maki Nomiya was the new P5 vocalist; their popularity at home continued to soar, and in 1994 the American indie label Matador agreed to issue the compilation EP Five by Five. Takanami quit shortly after its release, however, reducing the group to a duo; after a pair of other US compilations, Made in USA and The Sound of Music by......[Read More]