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Suburban Kids with Biblical Names

Suburban Kids with Biblical Names

photo by S. Babijak

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Suburban Kids with Biblical Names


Years Active: 2007 to present

Genre: Pop / Experimental / Indie

Country: Sweden


Peter Gunnarson
Johan Hedberg

Artist Bio:

Like their name suggests, Suburban Kids with Biblical Names draw on influences from the highly literate and playful '90s U.S. indie scene. Traces of Silver Jews, Pavement, and Magnetic Fields can be heard. But much more than actually sounding like these bands, the near-unique Suburban Kids with Biblical Names share their penchant for mixing intelligent and humorous lyrics with irresistible classic pop melodies, electronic beats, and quirky instrumentation.The band name isn't just a Silver Jews homage either: Peter and Johan are actually suburban kids -- from Haninge, just outside Swedish capital Stockholm -- with undeniably biblical names. The self-consciously geeky pop duo first appeared with the EP #1 on Labrador Records in 2004, after generating something of a buzz through the Internet. With their first release, featuring the sublime meta-indie pop anthem "Rent a Wreck" as the EP's lead-off track, they already seemed destined for underground stardom. The next EP, #2, was released in the spring of 2005, including another classic A-side, the inde pop-meets-Afro-pop gem "Funeral Face." In October 2005 their eagerly anticipated full-length debut, unsurprisingly entitled #3, finally appeared, propelling them further into worldwide indie pop acclaim. In late 2006 the band signed with U.S. label Minty Fresh.[Read More]