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Years Active: 2000 to present

Genre: Electronic, folk

Country: United States


Via Nuon (assorted instruments, vocals)

Artist Bio:

From the Contraphonic website - BEVEL is the solo project of Via Nuon, a Chicago-based artist who employs a uniquely literary and painterly approach to the music he creates. Originally hailing from Richmond, VA, an oft-time contributor to artists such as Edith Frost and Simon Joyner, and a member of the groups Drunk and Manishevitz, Nuon executes his dreamlike psych-folk with the care and fragility of a cartographer. It informs the beauty in BEVEL's music, which bleeds out like details emerging from a map of a forgotten city. The BEVEL moniker was first unearthed with 2000's Turn the Furnace On, Bevel's first for the Bloomington, IN label Jagjaguwar. Crafting ambient, abstract pieces of ethereal electric folk music, Turn the Furnace On showcased Nuon emerging as a strong solo voice and out of the sideman shadows he occupied in previous projects. Making good on the attention given to Turn the Furnace On as "... one of those rare artists who just might be able to add something to the American folk tradition" (Devil in the Woods Magazine), Nuon continued Bevel's evolution with 2002's highly regarded Where Leaves Block the Sun, a swirling, pastoral record evocative of the Popol Vuh's best moments. Where......[Read More]