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The Bees

The Bees


Years Active: 2001 to present

Genre: rock

Country: United Kingdom


Kris Birkin (guitar, vocals)
Tim Parkin (trumpet, bass guitar, piano, rhodes, percussion, vocals)
Aaron Fletcher (bass guitar, guitar, piano, drums, percussion, lyrics, vocals)
Paul Butler (lead vocals, guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, mandolin, drums, various Percussion instruments)
Warren Hampshire (hammond organ, celesta, acoustic guitar, percussion, jew's harp, vocals)

Artist Bio:

From band's official website - Two years isnt exactly an eternity, yet somehow the perception has bedded down that The Bees Paul Butler and Aaron Fletcher have been away for longer than was strictly necessary as if, after releasing their lauded, Mercury Prize-nominated debut album, Sunshine Hit Me, in 2002, the Isle of Wighters mumbled, We are going out for a walk, we may be some time. And duly disappeared. Granted, time does seem to tick a tad differently on the island, which is just one of its many attractions for a band who are fiercely proud and protective of their roots. Now, though, with two years of almost solid touring and three fecund weeks at Abbey Road studios behind them, Paul and Aaron are poised to unleash a second helping of hard-to-categorize, impossible-to-ignore music on us. One listen to Free The Bees will convince you it was worth the wait. A couple more listens in, and youll be back on the same gently lapping wavelengths that made Sunshine Hit Me such a heavy-rotation play in the nations disc-drives. What, though, of the shed the fabled assembly-kit construction in Pauls parents garden where Sunshine took shape, and which the duo swore......[Read More]



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