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Years Active: 2007 to present

Genre: electronic, synth-pop

Country: United States


Dan Ingala
Taylor Armstrong
Matt Bogdanow

Artist Bio:

Plushgun is a project birthed in the cramped confines of Dan Ingalas overpriced and undersized bedroom in New York City. While writing a song on his acoustic guitar, Dan had an idea: what if I added some synths to this? And synths he added, and this song is known today as Just Impolite. Dan incorporated the name Plushgun to this project, as in something soft, something killer. Just Impolite hit Myspace in February of 2007, and in just months, through word of mouth, the project spread from one fan to another, until it was heard by RagTag productions, producers of the popular We Need Girlfriends web-tv series who approached Dan about using his music in their show. Plushgun was then introduced to a new audience, and Plushguns popularity grew exponentially. When people started to demand live shows, Dan was scared. It was just him and a computer, and computers tend to be terrible showmen. So he asked for help from past acquaintance, guitarist, and showman extraordinaire Taylor Armstrong to bring this project to the live stage. Plushgun then absorbed the talents of Matt Bogdanow, whose ability on the drums was unmatched. Plushguns songs are nostalgic, poppy, dance-able, and surprisingly deep. Whether......[Read More]