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Rush In Attack

Photo by Leigh Radbourne

Rush In Attack

Years Active: 2007 to present

Genre: Indie / Pop

Country: Australia


Rick Rizzo (Guitar)
Nick Hall (Vox / Guitar / Keys)
Tim Mitchell (Drums)
James Howlett (Bass)

Artist Bio:

Rush In Attack are a 4 piece Pop band from Melbourne. For the last few years, they have been playing around Melbourne at a various venues, with various bands as well as taking road trips to play shows in rural areas. Singer, Nick and Guitarist, Rick have been playing in bands together from the age of 13. After meeting Bass player, James and Drummer, Tim, something clicked and a plethora of catchy and accessible songs with a difference were born. There is no shame in melody, this is music for those who are tired of New Wave clichs and Garage Blues. Embrace your short attention span and grab some instantly catchy tracks with both hands.[Read More]