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Years Active: 1994 to 2001

Genre: Indie Pop, Twee

Country: United States


Steve Berrett
Scott Schultz
Ammon Watene
Jana Wittren

Artist Bio:

(From The Aquabats! Wiki) Scott and Christian Jacobs originally formed a duo called The Moon Men in 1994. The Moon Men played a very melancholy reverb-y shoegaze style of music, heavily influenced by Galaxie 500 and The Velvet Underground. The recorded a few songs, but disbanded when Christian decided to go full force with his other project he was starting, The Aquabats. Musically, their styles couldn't have been any different. Undaunted by the change and driven by his passion for music, Scott rebuilt a new band in 1995 under the name Majestic-12 which later became MJ-12. Musically, it was slightly more poppy with female vocals provided by Jana Wittren (Heller), but still quite dreamy. Influences included Trembling Blue Stars, and The Field Mice. In 1998, MJ-12 disbanded and re-emerged as simply Majestic. Stylistically, they were much happier and 60's-flavored, drawing from such inspirations as The Free Design, Harper's Bazaar, The Beach Boys and newer twee bands like Belle and Sebastian and Dressy Bessy. Majestic released two full-length albums on Shelf Life Records, a fan-only EP/Compilation and a handful of compilation and/or online-only tracks. Although never quite officially broken up, Majestic has been on hiatus since 2001 as Scott focuses on his other projects......[Read More]