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The Momeraths

The Momeraths

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The Momeraths


Years Active: 2008 to present

Genre: Twee Indie Pop

Country: United Kingdom


Michael (Lead Guitar/ Accordion/ Backing Vocals)
Paolo (Vocals/ Acoustic Guitar/ Glock)
Claire (Vocals/ Percussion/ Bar Stools/ Tom/ Harmonicas/ Glock)
Richard (Bass/ Bar Stool)
Adnan (Drums)

Artist Bio:

Paolo, Claire, Richard, Michael and Adnan make pop music, and catchy pop music at that. The sort of music that puts a smile on your face on a winters day, or makes you tap your foot on a packed London tube; the kind of unpretentious, precious pop that Britain does so well. When the Momeraths play their infectious form of fun, guitar-driven pop noise in a live arena their music takes another twist. An all-hands-on-deck romp with DIY apparatus; percussive instruments fashioned from everyday inanimate objects, such as bar stalls and ironing boards. Their first record, the limited edition EP titled Crayon Colours, was released in February 2009 and sold out within one week of release in record shops such as Piccadilly (Manchester), Rounder (Brighton) and Banquet (Kingston). To celebrate this, the band booked and played their first national tour. Their debut single, Millipede Stomps, released on New Slang Records, received similar acclaim and was soon re-pressed due to selling out in a flash. Summer festivals soon followed, where they appeared twice on the Dirty Boots Stage at Glastonbury and made further appearances at Lounge On the Farm and Secret Garden Party. After working away in the studio and fitting a......[Read More]