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Years Active: 1998 to present

Genre: Indie Electronic

Country: Sweden


Lasse Lindh
Claes Bjrklund

Artist Bio:

Tribeca is the band of Lasse Lindh and Claes Bjrklund. The band was formed with one purpose in mind: To make music we loved but never heard anywhere. In other words: Tribeca was spawned by rage. Sick and tired of bands doing it all wrong the only way out was to do it themselves. Sounds pretentious? Well, why not.. The Tribeca saga started a chill winter evening at a cafe in Stockholm, Sweden when singer/songwriter Lasse Lindh, invited his favorite producer, Claes Bjrklund {who produced Lasse Lindh's You wake up at sea tac}, over for a cup of coffee. The two held the same musical ideas and ideals and that marked the start for Tribeca. Shortly after Tribeca headed for the country for four months where they recorded what turned out to be Kate -97, their debut album. A long time for recording an album you might say, but Claes isnt exactly the sloppy kind of producer. Tribeca recorded and mixed for about four months. And you can really hear that on the album, it's a lot of very great sounds thats isnt made in an instance.. Tribeca Kate -97 was released in August 2002 on Labrador Records, Mushroom Pillow......[Read More]