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Years Active: 1993 to present

Genre: Indie Pop

Country: Sweden


Martin Berndtsson
Martin Engvall
Jens Faltman
Jonas Johansson
Tony Ivarsson

Artist Bio:

This is guitar driven pop with a twist. Leslies make the songs simple if they need to be simple, and complex if that's what the songs need, but they never spare anything when it comes to arrangements. Vibraphone, brass and piano contribute to their catchy songs in a wonderful way. On this, their third album, Leslies return to the Tambourine Studios in Malm. This time produced by the Mopeds. Their first album was full of glittery pop songs and jangly guitars. Their second album found the jangly sounds replaced by a more distorted ones and a more mature sound. On this third album their somewhere in between the both. This is definitely their best album to date. Think Cardigans, Lloyd Cole and Strokes and you know what we're talking about.[Read More]