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Years Active: 2000 to present

Genre: Aerospace Trance / Progressive / Electronica

Country: Sweden


Kristian Rosengren
Torbjrn Thors
John Boqvist
Christer Nilsson
Fredrik Balck

Artist Bio:

At the outset, Aerospace was all about playing live. All about playing live and all about going on tours. Little surprise, then, that the blondest {and friendliest, possibly} band in the business embarked on their first three-date jaunt to Malm and back a mere month after forming in Toby's living room, one of the last days of January 2000. The first 'practice' was more about deciding who should play which instrument than grinding the same song for hours on end and the resulting line-up was Toby on vocals and guitar, Kristian on electric guitar, John on organ and Wurlitzer piano and Christer on the bass {Fredrik joined a little later on drums}. Sticking to their unorthodox ways {unorthodox in a world where bands are half-expected to spend five years in a tiny basement before even considering playing live, at least} the fab five lined up shows in their native Sweden, slowly gaining a reputation among fans of their brand of breezy-but-energetic, melodic guitar pop, and an ardent following wherever they went, celebrating their six month-anniversary by touring the west coast of America for half a month. Rising to the occasion, Aerospace played larger venues than ever before, taking in cities like......[Read More]