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The Mary Onettes

The Mary Onettes

Photo: Gunnar Björling

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The Mary Onettes


Years Active: 2000 to present

Genre: Indie rock, dream pop, shoegazing

Country: Jönköping, Sweden


Philip Ekstrm
Petter Agurn
Simon Fransson
Henrik Ekstrm

Artist Bio:

Starting out in the Swedish town of Jnkping in 2000, The Mary Onettes has since then been on a long journey containing a few downhill slopes and a lot of brick walls. The band was drawn together much due to their common interest for the 80s and the 90s music, with bands such as the Stone Roses and the Cure. The band first years werent unlike most bands, members came and went and their sound changed from one week to another. Although development are crucial for a band one thing have remained the same, the songs. The band revolves around Philip Ekstrms songwriting and although some songs have been stripped down, rebuilt or even thrown away they have kept coming. Things started happen for The Mary Onettes in spring 2004, signing with a brand new label the future couldnt look brighter. Six months later the band lost the deal without being given the chance to release anything. Eight months of despair followed until Sony/BMG decided to sign up the band up for an EP. The debut was released may 2005 and didnt make big fuzz to the main crowd, although it got great reviews. A couple of months later the band found......[Read More]