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The Libertines

The Libertines

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The Libertines


Years Active: 1997 to present

Genre: Post-punk revival Garage rock revival Indie rock Alternative Rock

Country: London, England


Carl Bart
Pete Doherty
Gary Powell
John Hassall

Artist Bio:

The year is 1996 and two men in their late teens have relocated to London and begun towork together on some original music. They write many songs and perform them regularly as part of acoustic sets in London pubs. Their names? Carl Bart and Pete Doherty; two men who were about to play a huge part in the world famous British music scene. It is easy to forget some of the great music that The Libertines produced in their lifetime. Since they split they are mostly mentioned in reference to the tabloid-friendly antics of Pete Doherty, who has since formed Babyshambles. But they had a lasting influence with some memorable songs. Doherty hailed from Hexham in Northumberland in 1978, whilst Bart has worked his way to London from Basingstoke in Hampshire after being born in 1979. Bart would go on to take the position of vocals and lead guitar with Doherty providing vocals of his own along with rhythm guitar. By 1997 they were making some headway, but they had a long way to go before they could be crowned the greatest band in the world, as was their ambition. They would soon be joined by John Hassall on the bass and Gary Powell......[Read More]