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The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady


Years Active: 2004 to present

Genre: Alternative rock, post-punk, indie rock

Country: Brooklyn, USA


Galen Polivka
Tad Kubler
Craig Finn
Bobby Drake

Artist Bio:

We thought that in place of a Rough Trade penned biography this one put together by singer Craig Finn around the release of 2008s Stay Positive would be a little more interesting. Take it away Craig The Hold Steady was born out of some loose talk in my Boreum Hill apartment in 2002. I had moved to Brooklyn about two years earlier. I was thirty-one years old, and the other dudes were about my same age. Our concept was to start a straight rock band, with low aspirations. Just local shows, no touring, and most likely, no real records. We practiced for a while and then played our first show in January 2003 at North Six, in Williamsburg. I was surprised at how many people showed up. The show went well. It reminded us, all veterans of hard luck bands, that music can be fun. We played our second show in Baltimore, and it sort of becomes a blur after that. We quickly broke our rules about no touring and records, and released three records in three years. We lost one member and added two others. The most recent record, 2006s Boys & Girls in America, was successful enough to get us in......[Read More]