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The Postal Service

The Postal Service


Years Active: 2001 to 2005, 2013

Genre: Synth pop, electropop, electronica

Country: United States


Jimmy Tamborello
Ben Gibbard
Chris Walla (guitar, drums, keyboard ), former member
Jen Wood (vocals ), former member
Jenny Lewis (vocals), former member

Artist Bio:

Despite many industry insiders' prediction that Death Cab for Cutie's incendiary Why You'd Want to Live Here would create a Pacific Northwest vs. Southern California indie-rock rivalry reminiscent of hip-hop's East Coast/West Coast conflict, no blood was shed over such lines as Is this the City of Angels or Demons? In fact, you might say most people in Los Angeles couldn't care less that Seattleite Ben Gibbard was giving their city a good old-fashioned tongue-lashing. Silverlake denizen and Dntel mastermind Jimmy Tamborello certainly wasn't bothered instead of hiring someone to lay Gibbard down for the dirt nap, he asked DCFCs leader to lay down vocals on a track for his upcoming album. A week later the electronipop masterpiece "(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan" (included on Dntel's 2001 full-length Life Is Full of Possibilities) was completed and the seeds for The Postal Service were planted. "It seemed kind of effortless," says Tamborello, who had never met Gibbard before the recording of Evan and Chan." "He came down and sang it once and we were just really happy with it." "We did the song in an hour one afternoon," explains Gibbard, who was in L.A. visiting Tamborellos roommate......[Read More]



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