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Her Space Holiday

Her Space Holiday

Years Active: 1996 to present

Genre: Electronica, Pop

Country: United States


Marc Bianchi

Artist Bio:

From - Her Space Holiday is Marc Bianchi, a musician with roots in the California hardcore/emo scene. Marc began recording under the moniker Her Space Holiday in 1996. It started as a simple affair: just a four track, a couple of cheap microphones, a beat up drum set, a guitar, and the desire to make music on his own. The band released the album Young Machines in 2003. His most recent album is Past Presents the Future. Since the release of Her Space Holidays first EP, the band has released six full length albums, several singles and EPs, and a remix album. He has toured with the likes of Bright Eyes, The Faint, Pinback, Bob Mould, The American Analog Set and others. He has also remixed songs from REM, Duster, The Faint, The American Analog Set and others. Initially, Bianchi was not interested in releasing Her Space Holidays first works, as he was focused on launching the bands associated with his new (now defunct) record label Audio Information Phenomena. However, after being approached by Chocolate River Industries to record a 12 EP, Her Space Holiday became Bianchis full time project. It has been a slow build from the get go......[Read More]