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Years Active: 2008 to 2011

Genre: Indie / Pop

Country: United States


rommel (guitar)
abby (keys and vocals)
rex (bass and vocals)
rob (drums)

Artist Bio:

Sweet and tart, upbeat yet ambient, Sugarspun is a candy-coated mixture of lyrical laments sung in pop melodic hooks. From their obsession of 60s Britpop, 80's new wave, shoegaze, and indie pop, their music showcases tonal texture and boy-girl melodies amongst spacey synths, delay-laden guitar, and groovy beats. The San Francisco based indie pop band formed in 2008 and released their first EP, "Moon Candy" in early 2009. Sugarspun is bassist/vocalist Rex Padayhag, keyboardist/vocalist Abby Camaya, guitarist Mel Encarnacion, and drummer Rob Uytingco. "Like their sweet sounding name, their music will wrap you in a soft web of lyrical and melodic imagery as it gently rocks you. Fans of bands from Mazzy Star to Peter, Bjorn, and John to Radiohead will all find themselves falling for this San Francisco foursome." - D. Bash[Read More]