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The Albertans

The Albertans


Years Active: 2006 to present

Genre: alternative

Country: United States, Canada


Krystin Monaghan (percussion/keys/vocals)
Curtis Mclean (drums)
Ian Everall (bass/vocals/percussion)
Joel bravo (guitar/vocals)
Alison Yip (percussion/keys/vocals )

Artist Bio:

Originally known as Sex with an Angel, the (eventual) Albertans first convened as a "theatrical musical collective" under the leadership of guitarist and vocalist Joel Bravo. The group took root in New York City, with Bravo rounding out his lineup with help from Kylie Ward (vocals, ukulele, harmonica), Ian Everall (bass, percussion), Krystin Monaghan (keyboards, vocals), Curtis McLean (drums), Alison Yip (vocals, tambourine), and Anna Horabin (vocals, trumpet). Sex with an Angel won a record deal after a well-received performance at the CMJ Music Marathon and, shortly thereafter, decided to take on a new name and a change of location. They took two of the members' origins to heart, naming themselves after the Canadian province of Alberta, and the newly christened Albertans made things official by packing up and heading for the Canadian West. After settling in Vancouver, they recorded their debut effort, a 7" EP entitled SWAA. The release was followed by West Coast touring and recording sessions for a debut full-length in 2008.[Read More]