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Years Active: 2009 to present

Genre: rock, psychedelic, indie, electronic, alternative

Country: Ireland


ROOSTER (vocals, guitars and tapes)
BLONDE FOX (vocals and drum set))
AUBURN SPINNER (synthesiser’s and soundscapes)

Artist Bio:

TWINKRANES are a whacked out closely knit trio hailing from rain splattered, Liffey stenched Dublin City. They specialize in zone out progressive pop music. The three members ROOSTER (vocals, guitars and tapes) BLONDE FOX (vocals and drum set) and AUBURN SPINNER (synthesisers and soundscapes) have spent the last decade and a half as part of each others strange rotating orbit and at least one quarter of that decade and a half as members of one of most strange and un-compromising musical acts in the kosmos. In this time they have melded together the worlds of motor driven kraut, space rock, psychedelia and avant- pop to produce two killer 45s in the shape of PLATEAU and BEING KONG the former a chugging distant relative to kings lead hat era ENO. The later a driving slice of car chase motorik spewing a tale of night time terrors in a land far from the garden of eden. Recently the group have just returned from an eight date jaunt as part of the B-MUSIC collectives MIGRATING-CAUSTIC-MUTATABLE tour of the U.K. The tour took in a headline slot at freak folk festival LLAMA in sunny Devon and saw the group play a storming set......[Read More]