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The Blow

The Blow

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The Blow


Years Active: 2001 to present

Genre: Electronica, Pop

Country: United States


Khaela Maricich
Jona Bechtolt, former member

Artist Bio:

From their artist page at K Records - The Blow is Khaela Maricich and Jona Bechtolt. Khaela Maricich is a pop musician, visual artist, and performer. She works in the cracks between pop music and performance art, bouncing between the genres to suck out the juicier parts of either world. She creates operatic performance pieces using the conversational style of popular music. She has toured the United States extensively performing her monologue based solo opera, "Blue Sky versus Night Sky", as well as giving traditional concerts of dance-party music with her band, The Blow. Under the banner of The Blow, (currently with bandmate Jona Bechtolt), Maricich has released five albums of music, crossing styles from folk to elecronic radio style hits. She has held a number of exhibitions of drawings and illuminated paper sculptures in Seattle, Olympia, and Portland. A native of Queen Anne Hill, Maricich spent an incubative decade in Olympia, but recently moved from her cosy home there to Portland, in order to be the artist in residence at the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art. Her goings-on can be read about on her blog, at WWW.THETOUCHMEFEELING.COM. Jona Bechtolt is a technological multi talent. His sound and......[Read More]