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Years Active: 2006 to present

Genre: Indie / Electro / Concrete

Country: United States


Andrea P (guitar, vx, keyboard, percussion)
Luke B (guitar, vx, keyboard, percussion)
Pat J (keyboard, percussion)
Thom C (bs, guitar, vx, keyboard, perccsion, prod)

Artist Bio:

Polynya hails from Carrboro / Chapel Hill / Durham, NC and is a core of 4 people: Andrea (gtr, vx, kybrd, perc), Luke (gtr, vx, kybrd, perc), Pat (kybrd, perc), and Thom (bs, gtr, vx, kybrd, perc, prod). We function well in most moist environments, though we can adapt to both hot and cold arid conditions if the situation arises. We play out, we play in, and if we find something mutually satisfying, we record it. While typically adverse to comparing ourselves to other artists, we are known to enjoy Can, Wire, Boards of Canada, Augustus Pablo and Pere Ubu and many more too numerous to name. We have one self-titled disc, and a new one, Crop Rotation.[Read More]