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The Most Serene Republic

The Most Serene Republic

Thursday June 18th, 2009 - Courthouse - Toronto , ON uploaded by Zack Vitiello

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The Most Serene Republic


Years Active: 2003 to present

Genre: Indie rock Baroque pop Post-rock

Country: Milton, Ontario, Canada


Tony Nesbitt-Larking, former member
Andrew McArthur, former member
Peter Van Helvoort, former member
Adam Nimmo, former member
Emma Ditchburn, former member
Adam Balsam
Adrian Jewett
Sean Woolven
Nick Greaves
Ryan Lenssen
Adrian Jewett

Artist Bio:

There have been countless records that begin with the same bombast as The Most Serene Republics And The Ever Expanding Universe, but few have taken listeners down a path of such enriching, introspective discovery. Long masters at stimulating senses and stirring emotions, the Ontario-based band have never sounded this immediate and attainable. The sonic density of their previous efforts has given way to more dynamic, engaging fare, as visceral as the most obviously cloying pop music but with a more scintillating head on its shoulders. So whats prompted a shift in musical direction for The Most Serene Republic? According to the bands musical figurehead Ryan Lenssen, the group is highly critical of and competitive with itself. I feel like our band challenges our own status quo, he explains. [Vocalist] Adrian [Jewett] said it really well the other day; the first record [2005s Underwater Cinematographer] was denial, [2007s] Population was anger, and Universe is acceptance. We constantly challenge ourselves not to be stagnant because if we didnt, wed be in constant states of pain. We need to get out of that and more in tune with naturethe ebbs and flows that make you wanna live. Hypersensitive and buoyed on by endearing......[Read More]