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Still Life Still

Still Life Still

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Still Life Still


Years Active: 1999 to present

Genre: Indie rock

Country: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Aaron Romaniuk
Eric Young
Derek Paulin
Brendon Saarinen
Josh Romaniuk

Artist Bio:

Still Life Still have a credo. Never make a Plan B, laughs drummer Aaron Romaniuk. It just gets in the way of Plan A. Were strong believers that if you put out your good vibes into the universe, the universe will give you something back. On December 31, 2007, the five members of Still Life Still made a pact. At the ripe old age of 21, they had been a band for eight years already. Through various stages, sounds, and a rotating cast of auxiliary players, the core members had stuck together with a willful determination and a belief that their personal bond and a lot of hard work would see them through. This is our year, they said, on that fateful, drunken winter night in the East York neighbourhood of Toronto. This is the year its going to happen. Cut to December 31, 2008, at Torontos Phoenix club, where Still Life Still are partying at a DJ dance party hosted by Broken Social Scenes Kevin Drew who had just signed Still Life Still to his Arts and Crafts label, and had agreed to record their debut album the following month. STILL LIFE STILLActually, what Drew had agreed to was only a three-song demo. Still......[Read More]