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Timber Timbre

Timber Timbre

Taylor Kirk of w:Timber Timbre performs at the Albion Hotel in Guelph, for the second anniversary of his label w:Out of This Spark. Mika Posen of Forest City Lovers plays violin in the background. by Sean Ian Denis Richardson

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Timber Timbre


Years Active: 2005 to present

Genre: Folk / Blues

Country: Toronto Canada


Taylor Kirk ((Vocals, Guitar, Bass Drum))
Simon Trottier ((Lapsteel, Autoharp))
Mika Posen ( (Violon))

Artist Bio:

Timber Timbre stops you. The elements are deceptively simple: a confident, but hushed voice, understated guitar, strings and keyboard flourishes, and a subtle percussive beat. Timber Timbre front man Taylor Kirk is haunted by the history of pop music. Over the course of two records, 2006's Cedar Shakes and 2007's Medicinals, Timber Timbre has gained a devoted following. Spellbinding performances opening for noted Toronto musicians such as Ohbijou and Bruce Peninsula have earned Kirk devoted fans. The years have also marked a rapid progression from dusty, low-fi bedroom blues to the sophisticated, cinematic studio work found on his newest self-titled record, set for re-release on Arts & Crafts June 30 in Canada and for the first time internationally July 28. Recording for the new album began in the summer of 2008 at Kirk's home studio and in the fall Timber Timbre put final touches on the record at the Lincoln County Social Club with producer Chris Stringer (The D'Urbervilles, Ohbijou, Rush, David Wilcox). Despite Timber Timbre being the project of Kirk, the recording of this record was a community affair. Guests on the record include some of the finest members of Toronto's indie scene, such as Mika Posen of Forest City Lovers, who contributed......[Read More]