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Years Active: 2008 to present

Genre: indie/pop/rock

Country: USA


Brandon Husken (Vocals, drums, acoustic guitar, keyboards )

Artist Bio:

Detroit MI. Singer/songwriter Brae (Brandon Huskens) story is one of self-realization, ambition and determination. For fifteen years this self taught drummer supplied the rhythms for countless Detroit based bands, but over time grew increasingly disconnected to the music he was playing a part in. October 2008, found Brandon reinventing his musical identity. With a new focus on creating music that he connected with, Brandon decided to pursue the singer/songwriter role and with the suggestion from his older brother, took up the moniker Brae a nickname his friends and family had called him for years. Still self taught, Brae began writing songs in a very unconventional way, forming chords or voicings that looked awkward but sounded right. With no idea on what an E chord looks like, or where its at on the guitar or piano, Brae managed to pen 11 songs and released his first CD entitled Catch You In The End in December of 08. With the help of friends (most of which are in bands of their own), Brae began supporting his CD live. Immediately after releasing his first CD, Brae began writing once again. With a new passion and drive, things began to click. With not even a......[Read More]