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Years Active: 2009 to present

Genre: Indie/Alternative rock

Country: Bristol, Southwest United Kingdom


Sam (Vox Guitar)
Jay (Synths, Treatments)
Joe (Bass, vocals )
Becky (Drums )

Artist Bio:

WILDER are Bec (drums), Joe (bass), Jay (synths) and Sam (vox and guitar), named after 40s film noir legend Billy Wilder. Think Friendly Fires, The Whip, The Rapture and The Gossip and add the digital squirm of Boy 8 Bit, some Talking Heads, some of Neus Kraut-groove, Captain Beefheart, the Velvets and some of that foxy art-school thing Roxy Music do and you get the idea. Theres even some Little Richard in there. At least thats what people tell us. Theyve toured with The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas and played with the Maccabees and I Blame Coco. And thats their story so far[Read More]