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The Veils

The Veils


Years Active: 2001 to present

Genre: Indie/Alternative rock

Country: London, England


Finn Andrews
Sophia Burn
Dan Raishbrook
Raife Burchell
Henning Dietz
Liam Gerrard
Oli Drake
Ben Woollacott
Adam Kinsella

Artist Bio:

The Veils have released three albums with Rough Trade, their debut came in 2004 with The Runaway Found, an album that found praise throughout the music press and was followed in 2006 by Nux Vomica, host to one undoubtedly one of the best singles of the year Advice For Young Mothers To Be. Third album Sun Gangs was released April 2009 and saw them settling in to the best music of their career, with songs like first single The Letter. The Veils are never afraid to explore an idea and set out on meandering rock excursions in the vein of Patti Smith or Lou Reed. For instance, the mesmeric Larkspur which hunts for nine minutes for its revelatory moment is no less than astounding. Thats another from Sun Gangs, the title of which we must warn is a red herring, these guys are definitely from the same noir side of the tracks as Nicks Bad Seeds. It may be emotionally heavy tales of doomed love and man but youve never heard them played out with such vigour. Enjoy.[Read More]