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The Strokes

The Strokes

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The Strokes | MySpace Music Videos" onclick="return playTrack(this);" class="no-ajaxy">Reptilia

I'll Try Anything Once

New York City Cop

Last Night

Little Joy - Unattainable (DUMBO Session West)

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The Strokes


Years Active: 1998 to present

Genre: Alternative rock, indie rock, garage rock revival, post-punk revival

Country: New York, USA


Julian Casablancas
Nick Valensi
Albert Hammond, Jr.
Nikolai Fraiture

Artist Bio:

From their Wikipedia The Strokes are an American rock band formed in 1998 in New York City. They rose to fame in the early 2000s as leaders in the garage rock revival. The band's members are Julian Casablancas (lead vocals), Nick Valensi (guitar), Albert Hammond, Jr. (guitar), Nikolai Fraiture (bass guitar) and Fabrizio Moretti (drums and percussion). Upon the release of their debut album Is This It in 2001, the group was met with much critical acclaim. NME made Is This It their Album of the Decade. Since then, the band has maintained a large fan base, mostly in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. They have been on an unofficial hiatus since First Impressions of Earth in 2006. A number of members have embarked on a variety of side projects, although a fourth album is in preparation for release in 2010.[Read More]