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Strange Boys

Strange Boys

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Strange Boys


Years Active: 2001 to present

Genre: garage rock, punk, R&B, country

Country: Texas, USA


Ryan Sambol (Guitar, Lead Vocals, Harmonica)
Philip Sambol (Bass)
Greg Enlow (Guitar)
Seth Densham (Drums)
Jenna Thornhill-DeWitt (Saxophone, Backing Vocals )
Tim Presley (Backing Vocals )

Artist Bio:

From Wikipedia The Strange Boys are a rock band based out of Austin, Texas, composed of Ryan Sambol (Guitar, Lead Vocals, Harmonica), Philip Sambol (Bass), Greg Enlow (Guitar), Seth Densham (Drums), Jenna Thornhill-DeWitt (Saxophone, Backing Vocals), and Tim Presley (Backing Vocals). Their music incorporates stylistic elements of garage rock, punk, R&B and country. The group have been compared to acts such as Chuck Berry, England's Newest Hit Makers-era Rolling Stones, 13th Floor Elevators and other bands featured on the compilation album, Nuggets. However, in an interview Ryan Sambol dismissed the lattermost of these comparisons as "ridiculous", stating the album was "filled mostly with boring stuff and horrible lyrics." The Strange Boys were formed in Dallas, Texas in 2001 as a punk duo by Ryan Sambol and Matt Hammer while the pair was in 8th grade. Ryan's brother Philip Sambol returned to Dallas from college and joined in 2003. After releasing their debut EP, States Newest Noise Makers, in 2004 and adding Austinite Greg Enlow to the lineup, the band relocated to Austin in late 2006. The band later released their Nothing EP in 2007 on Dusty Medical Records and a self-released EP, The Strange Boys Will Now Forever Be Known As The Martin Luther......[Read More]