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Nina Nastasia

Nina Nastasia


Years Active: 2006 to present

Genre: Electronic, Rock, Hip Hop, Funk / Soul, Folk, World, & Country, Non-Music, Pop, Jazz

Country: NEW YORK, New York United States



Artist Bio:

The Independent Over four albums, she's pared down her song-poem style to a point where skeletal surfaces only need to hint at her characters' back-stories for impact. She doesn't overburden their tales with analysis or self-pity: instead, she anatomises the emotions at stake with needlepoint precision. **** Mojo These intimate hushes and lilts would be remarkable even as instrumentals.... Yet it's Nastasia's voice--and the words that it sings--that really sucks the air out of the room. **** Trembles with intensity. There's a clarity and truth to the way these songs sound that allow [Nastasia] to steer from joy to grief deftly and directly. Uncut Spare, beautiful, outstanding. **** Q Magazine Curiously compelling for something so minimal, it's like nothing else around. **** The Guardian Delicate songs with unexpected, unnerving strength. **** New York Times Best Of Ms. Nastasia's songs reach back to the staples - waltzes and ballads, love and death - for music that verges on parables, set to a porchful of unplugged instruments. Filter Her countrified songs often begin as gothic lullabies, swallowed up in darkness and longing, as if the instruments themselves were suffering heartbreak. The Observer Matter of fact, subdued in the face of travails that somehow contrive to sound awesome......[Read More]