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The Monorchid

The Monorchid


Years Active: 2008 to present

Genre: Rock

Country: Washington DC United States


Andy Cone (Guitar)
Chris Hamley (Guitar)
Andy Coronado (Bass)
Tom Allnutt (Drums)
Chris Thomson (Vocals )

Artist Bio:

About The Monorchid The Monorchid formed in 1995 with the former guitar player, Chris Hamley, and former singer, Chris Thomson, of legendary D.C. post-hardcore band, Circus Lupus. They relased two full length albums and 3 or so 7" records before disbanding in 1998. The bassist, Andy Coronado, went on to play guitar in Skull Kontrol with Thomson, and then later in Wrangler Brutes. The creator of this fanpage has no direct affiliation with the band (which is why it says "UNOFFICAL fanpage" in the headline, up top). There was no Monorchid page on Myspace, so I threw this together because they are one of my favorite bands. I cannot answer any questions about the band, nor can I accept credit for their music. Oh, nevermind....[Read More]