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Years Active: 2007 to present

Genre: Rock, Electronic, Reggae, Non-Music, Jazz, Blues, Folk, World, & Country, Pop

Country: BROOKLYN, New York United States


John Gill
Brendan Croker
Dick Taylor
Sarah Casanova Corina
Steve Goulding
Tony Greene
Tom Greenhalgh
Suzie Honeyman
Jon Langford
John Langley
Lu Edmonds
Sally Timms
Mark White
Rico Bell
Mark LaFalce
Kevin Lycett
Pete Barker
Ken Lite
Dick Taylor
Andy Sharp
Mary Jenner
Martin "Skull" Henderson
Andy Corrigan
Ros Allen

Artist Bio:

About mekons More than any band that came out of late-'70s England, the Mekons (the name taken from the popular sci-fi comic Dan Dare) have perhaps the most devoted fans of any band even remotely connected to punk rock. And why not? Over the course of several decades, this band, with an ever-shifting lineup (only Jon Langford and Tom Greenhalgh remain from the original lineup), produced some of the best rock & roll on the planet, be it amateurish rock-noise, cool synth-driven pop, guitar rave-ups, or postmodern country & western, the Mekons have done it all and done it with style, grace, and a ribald sense of humor. Emerging from the same Leeds University "scene" that begot Gang of Four, the Mekons weren't as overtly political as their Marxist-inspired brethren, but their punk rock pedigree and unsubtle anti-Thatcher and -Reaganisms did set them apart from the post-punk world's innumerable careerists and posers. Their early recordings were exceedingly lo-fi affairs that valued emotion and energy over anything that remotely resembled musical proficiency. Songs like "Never Been in a Riot" and "32 Weeks" sound as if the band entered the studio, arbitrarily decided who was going to play what, and started the tapes rolling......[Read More]