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The Jesus Lizard

The Jesus Lizard


Years Active: 2005 to present

Genre: Rock Alternative

Country: CHICAGO, Illinois United States



Artist Bio:

About The Jesus Lizard The greatest, weirdest, sometimes-scariest, teeth-kicking, bass-distorting, guitar-piercing, drum-crushing and vomit-mouthed rock band ever! When an insane singer is really no more important than the guitar player's amplifier You got the Lizard. When a band creeps overhead like a deadly avalanche You definitely have the Lizard. When G.G. Allin's dooky-stained-audience-participation is only slightly more threatening You have got the Lizard yet again. And when a band's balls are as big as any heavy metal band yet they also enjoy boxing in pink leotards You have got The Jesus Lizard! The symbol of Chicago's music scene in the early '90s. Imagine what Ed Gein's performance art might sound like and then your in the right neighborhood. There's a lot of toilet talk and jailhouse humor involved. Please note that David Yow is prone to straddling young male fans who in turn think it's really cool for about three seconds until things go horribly wrong. It's like throwing a ragdoll into a washing machine filled with Yow's sweat. The poor little buggers feel as if they just sat on Uncle Perv's sadde-bouncing knee. God Bless 'em Jesus Lizard.[Read More]