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Sally Shapiro

Sally Shapiro

photo by Frida Klingberg

Sally Shapiro - Jackie Jackie
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Sally Shapiro - Jackie Jackie
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Sally Shapiro

Years Active: 2006 to present

Genre: pop, disco

Country: Sweden


Johan Agebjrn
Sally Shapiro

Artist Bio:

from - In a sense, Sally Shapiro is both the recording pseudonym of an anonymous Swedish singer and also the name of the duo, consisting of that singer and producer/writer Johan Agebjrn, who are together responsible for the music released under the moniker Sally Shapiro. That music, combining Shapiros delicate, silvery vocals with Agebjrns vintage-styled synthesizer dance tracks, is a deliberate and meticulous replication of the sound of 1980s Italo disco, as well as a distillation of the melancholy yet hopeful sentimentality commonly associated with twee indie pop. The pair first met in 2001, working in an office together, but it wasnt until Christmas 2004 that Agebjrn, a lifelong Italo disco lover, noticed Shapiros voice while they were singing carols at his piano. He told her she would make an excellent Italo-style singer, and as luck would have it she turned out to be a fan of the genre as well. Shapiro agreed to record vocals for a tune Agebjrn had penned in the style of Valerie Dore and Katy Gray (similarly pseudonymous singers who were backed by obscured writing/production teams), although when they finally got around to it in early 2006, she was so shy that Agebjrn had......[Read More]