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The For Carnation

The For Carnation


Years Active: 2007 to present

Genre: rock

Country: LOUISVILLE, Kentucky United States


Brian McMahan
Todd Cook
Britt Walford
David Pajo
John Herndon
Doug McCombs
John McEntire
Andrew Bonnaci
John Weiss
Bobb Bruno
Tim Ruth
Steve Goodfriend
Rafe Mandell
Kip McCabe
Tim Furnish

Artist Bio:

About The For Carnation For Carnation, own project of Slint's guitarist Brian McMahan, followed Gastr Del Sol's route to subtle dynamics and wasteland-evoking soundscapes on two EPs, Fight Songs (1995) and the superb Marshmallows (1996). They refined the art of low-key, sparse but nonetheless complex compositions to the point that For Carnation (2000) betrayed virtually no emotions, just illusions of emotions. Brian McMahan is one of the fundamental figures of the 80's rock scene, busy keeping together the glorious Squirrel Baitat first, as the prophet of the most influential band of the last fifteen years, the Slint, later. Helped by the Tortoise, he brings to life For Carnation who release an EP. Months later, the line-up has changed completely. The music is what you would expect from Slint if they were still around: the subsonic bellow feeds from pauses, not sounds. On the first 'shy' EP, Fight Songs, (Matador, 1995) the long and tender Grace Beneath The Pines and the martial Get And Stay Get March, reveal the group's slow and extremely quite style. The majestic Marshmallows(Matador 1996), with its six complex compositions in key minor, shows through the weight of the band's potential. The dreamy ballad of On The Swings , the delicate Romanza......[Read More]