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Years Active: 1996 to present

Genre: Alternative / Indie Rock, Post-Hardcore

Country: United States


Michael Anderson (vocals)
James Bauman (guitar)
Chris Saligoe (bass)
Brad Williams (drums)
Dave Britts
Chris Williams
Nate Spainhower
Mike Bell

Artist Bio:

From their ALLMUSIC.COM entry... Racebannon fits amongst the extreme noise-laden hardcore bands with a cult-like following, their vocalist Michael Anderson's spastically insane vocals being the primary instrument of the band's notoriety, as well as their penchant for destroying PAs wherever they go due to their explosive wall of noise and abrasive guitar sound familiar with the hardcore scene. As the lyricist as well as the vocalist, Anderson's words can often be seen as obscure and ranting, but his capability of expressing frustration which parallels the music can't be understated. Utilizing turntables in a noise-creating role as opposed to true DJ-ing, as well as a traditional rock line-up, Racebannon set themselves apart from the pack of underground hardcore and metal-core bands. The band has caught many critics and traditional hardcore fans by surprise with their creative take on a genre which can be known for its redundancy and insights into heavy music not recalled since the days of Captain Beefheart. Formed from the remains of various local bands in Indianapolis in 1996 by vocalist Anderson and guitarist James Bauman, the band solidified a line-up and hit the road and the studio in 1998, recording their first of many releases in the seven......[Read More]