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Years Active: 1990 to present

Genre: rock

Country: United Kingdom


Peter Wolfe

Artist Bio:

From Wikipedia - Peter William Wolfe (born 1968 in Maidstone, Kent) (more commonly known as Wolfman) is a poet and a musician of the band Wolfman and the Side-Effects. He is also a friend of Pete Doherty. From time to time Wolfman and the Side-Effects support Doherty's band, Babyshambles, and used to support The Libertines. At 18 he moved to London, and for a short while shared a flat with Shane MacGowan.[1] In the early '90s he moved to a flat in the Blackstock Road and worked on his career as a musician. However, Wolfe was "relentlessly unsuccessful."[1] In the late 90s he moved to New York and later to Paris, where he published a book of poetry. In 2001 Wolfe met Pete Doherty in Islington. They formed a relationship ever since mostly based on songwriting. Wolfe about their relationship: He turned up at my flat and started hanging around saying he was in a band. He's a great fucking person. Sometimes really awful but sometimes very kind. Maybe he was the first person to look at me through eyes which didn't say, "This guy's a cunt." In 2003 Wolfe recorded "For Lovers" together with Doherty. Wolfe had written the song in the......[Read More]



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