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The Japonize Elephants

The Japonize Elephants

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The Japonize Elephants


Years Active: 1996 to present

Genre: pop/rock

Country: United States


Chris Hiatt
Megan Weeder
Jeremy Baron
Alisa Rose (violin)
Sylvain Carton (guitar, vocals)
David Gantz (junk percussion, vocals)
Jason Slota (vibraphone)
Mitch Marcus (saxophone)
Michael Mellender (bass, vocals)
Dina Macabbee
Marie Abe (accordion)
Isabel Douglas
Mouzhan Yousefi (guitar, mandolin, vocals)

Artist Bio:

From their entry... The Japonize Elephants from Bloomington, IN, are comprised of a ten-person group led by the Emperqq of Zerlock; the band's eclectic sound borrows from bluegrass, folk, and jazz with plenty of ethnic influences (including Far and Middle Eastern) and silly sound effects. Their first CD, Bob's Bacon Barn, was released by Secret Canadian in February 1996; after appearing on several compilations, the Japonize Elephants released their follow-up CD, Le Fte du Cloune-Pirate, in March 1998.[Read More]