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The Rest

The Rest


Years Active: 2005 to present

Genre: pop, soul

Country: Canada


Matt Buzanko (Bass)
Dwayne Brydon (Guitar)
Anna Jarvis (Cello)
Jordan Mitchell (Multi-Instrumentalist / Electronics)
Adam Bentley (Vocals, Guitar, Organ)
Blake Bowman (Drums)
Steve T. Jones (Guitar)

Artist Bio:

During the spring of 2007 we decided to write and arrange the songs for our second record Everyone All At Once in isolation. We drove away from our select cities, A.D.D. distractions, relationships, and most importantly any escape from making music. We brought food, clothes, alcohol, and a van full of instruments. We woke to a lake, a forest, two cozy buildings, and a room full of instruments. We wrote and made noise until the sunset, beat on drums while howling at the moon (alcohol), and fell asleep aware and anxious to repeat the day before. After multiple trips we said goodbye to scenic isolation and embraced urban isolation, knowing that we were working on the music that would capture the sound we had been chasing for five years. We spurned the comfort and relaxation of the night to crawl into basements, and fill forgotten living rooms. After close to a year of this consuming rehearsal regime we returned to Catherine North Studios with Dan Achen to record our planned madness, attempting to corral the songs and each individual's energy into a preserved piece of electronic data. Everyone All At Once accomplishes these goals, and expands on what we......[Read More]