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The Earlies

The Earlies

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The Earlies


Years Active: 2004 to present

Genre: pop/rock

Country: United Kingdom/United States


Chris Madden
Brandon Carr
Giles Hatton
John Mark Lapham

Artist Bio:

From their Wikipedia entry... The Earlies are a band formed by Christian Madden and Giles Hatton from Lancashire, England, and Brandon Carr and John Mark Lapham from the United States. They are notable for blending elements from a wide range of musical genres and have been described as both "a very English kind of folk-psychedelia...with a smattering of Beach Boys harmonies" by The Independent, and "country-meets-prog-meets-electronica symphonies" by The Guardian. They are also notable for using a very large live line-up consisting of 11 members, who play an eclectic range of instruments, including flutes, a tuba, a cello, turntables, and synthesizers alongside the more traditional rock instruments such as guitars and drums.[Read More]