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Richard Youngs Youngs

Richard Youngs

Years Active: 1994 to present

Genre: Electronic, Rock, Non-Music, Hip Hop, Folk, World, & Country, Jazz, Pop

Country: United Kingdom



Artist Bio:

Richard Youngs is a highly prolific and diverse musician. Born in Harpenden, England and based in Glasgow since the early '90's, his extensive back catalogue of solo and collaborative work began in 1990 with Advent. His music demonstrates a very idiosyncratic writing style, with songs often centered around a small clutch of repeated musical and lyrical phrases, a strategy likely born of a desire to reduce the form to its most powerful core elements. It could be suggested his musical styles range from acoustic to indie style folk to progressive rock to improvisation to space rock with creditation of electronics. Whilst early works were characterized by a somewhat minimalist lo-fi production quality, Youngs has since graduated to using a professional standard computer-based recording system. Throughout his career, he has recorded for over a dozen independent record labels, with VHF releasing much of his collaborative work and Jagjaguwar issuing the lion's share of his recent solo albums. Other labels have included Freek, Fourth Dimension, Majora, Fusetron, Table of the Elements and his own label, the self-deprecatingly named No Fans Records. He has composed collaboratively with the likes of Matthew Bower, Brian Lavelle, Neil Campbell, Stephen Todd, Makoto Kawabata, Alex Neilson, Andrew......[Read More]