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SUnset Rubdown

SUnset Rubdown rubdown

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SUnset Rubdown


Years Active: 2005 to present

Genre: rock

Country: Montreal, Quebec


Marc Nicol
Jordan Robson Cramer
Michael Doerksen
Camilla Wynne Ingr
Spencer Krug

Artist Bio:

About Sunset Rubdown Wolf Parade vocalist/keyboardist Spencer Krugs sideline project Sunset Rubdown, though sideline is probably the wrong word as in fact hes now released more LPs through this moniker then he has with Wolf Parade, is an outlet for his more experimental song writing and sounds collages. Dragonslayer sees Spencer assembling a fuller band sound this time round with backing vocal duties by former Pony Up! Camilla Wayne Ingr. Sounding somewhere between his more famous alter ego and at times The Walkmen and The Psychedelic Furs, this LP is full of interesting and creative moments that encapsulate a feeling of accomplishment and manages to show that he has more strings to his bow than we originally thought. Though it features only eight tracks, each one is like a mini opera that features numerous tempo and directional changes, going from all out indie rock to polka to quirky eighties left-field pop, a multitude of styles that never stray from being both highly engaging and entertaining. The songs verge on the descriptive and poetic, which paint pictures of love lost and gained through a modern day style fairy tales telling that uses a plethora of different animals as analogies, such......[Read More]