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Richard Swift

Richard Swift

Years Active: 2000 to present

Genre: pop / lo-fi

Country: United States


Richard Swift (drums, piano, bass, guitar)

Artist Bio:

From his Wikipedia entry... Swift began performing and singing in Quaker churches around the age of fourteen and began writing and recording his material at home not long after. His first album, released in 2000, was an eponymous one under the name "Dicky Ochoa", followed by another eponymous record under the name "Company". In 2001, Swift moved to Southern California to pursue his solo recording career. He recorded Walking Without Effort but, unhappy with the record, shelved it. In 200203 Swift recorded The Novelist, selling home-made copies at shows in and around Los Angeles. Later in the year he went on to release a small pressing of "properly manufactured" versions via Velvet Blue Music. In 2004, Swift combined The Novelist and Walking Without Effort to create the double-disc The Richard Swift Collection Vol. 1. He signed to indie label Secretly Canadian, who then re-released the Collection in 2005. After touring in the US and Europe and releasing half a dozen 45s/EPs, UK major label Polydor signed Swift, and yet again the double disc was re-released in hopes of introducing Swift to the UK. In 2007, Polydor/Secretly Canadian issued his proper follow-up "Dressed Up For the Letdown". Fans and critics praised the record as Swift's greatest......[Read More]